This is the end of the line...

Throughout the years Black Skyline Media has been many things and included many passionate people with a simple common interest in supporting new and exciting music in Canada. At one point or another, this company has had operations which included that of a booking agency, recording studio, management agency, PR agency and multi-city event production company represented in every major market across Canada. Without tooting the old proverbial horn too many times, it's safe to say that we're proud of the impact we've been able to achieve over the years and, most importantly, the talent we've been able to work with. The ultimate satisfaction is knowing that many of these bands continue to thrive and the joy in being a part of that is why this company was created.

The passion that started this company in 2005 is stronger than ever and will continue to grow as Canadian acts continue to produce some of the best music in the world.

Please feel free to direct any questions, inside baseball tips or amusing cat videos to
Simon Becker-Sadava via email or connect on Linkedin.

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